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"It all starts with an idea. The idea is driven with business strategy, fuelled by design, powered by technology and delivered in collaboration, resulting in extraordinary experiences that make connections, build brands and delivers powerful results."

The HS Technology Fund One IC ('the fund') has been created to support very well planned and risk-controlled technology businesses through direct equity investment.

The strategy of the Fund is to target higher-yielding direct investments into private companies through equity structures that provide Highams Saaz with very tight control over the funds invested and the investee companies.

In addition to that very tight control, Highams Saaz considers its differentiation from typical Private Equity GPs to be its solid due diligence process, as well as supporting and influencing the investee companies throughout the management of the business and the delivery process.

Established in 2019, the HS Technology Fund One IC is a unique Private Equity Fund for investment in a predetermined, diversified but synergetic set of technology and software-based companies with proprietary intellectual property, all of which are revenue-generating.

The Fund focuses on making non-leveraged investments into revenue-positive businesses for accelerated growth and international expansion while building on the synergetic fit between the investee’s respective technologies, business models, coupled with leveraging on the expertise of the fund partners and that of its Advisory Board.

Asset manager

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