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Established in 2019, the HS Property Fund One IC is a private equity which invests in a balanced and diversified portfolio of asset-backed property-related investments.

The Fund optimises all areas of revenue generation and value creation within this asset class by focusing on:


  • Value creation through smart acquisition

  • Value creation through inward investment and repositioning

  • Revenue generation through occupation, operation and management

  • Enhanced capital appreciation is driven by efficient management and cost control

  • Risk control and mitigation, delivery on cost and delivery on time are all key parameters that enhance performance irrespective of the underlying project.

The strategy of the Fund is to target higher-yielding direct investments into assets or endeavours through equity structures that provide Highams Saaz with very tight control over the funds invested and the investee companies.

In addition to that very tight control, Highams Saaz considers its differentiation from typical Private Equity GPs to be its solid due diligence process, as well as supporting and influencing the underlying projects throughout the management of the business and the delivery process.

All projects within the HS Property Fund One IC are 100% owned by Highams Saaz. Delivery of these projects over the next five years will be by a bespoke team of professionals under the direct control of the Fund, its management team and by members of the Advisory Board. 

Asset manager

For a more detailed look about who we are and how we operate download the asset manager document

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