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HS Film and Media Fund will be a fund that supports very well planned and risk-controlled film and media projects across clearly targeted genres through direct equity investment.

The strategy of the Fund is to invest in high-quality medium budget films that are well scripted, enjoy the longevity of income, are low risk and higher-yielding. Highams Saaz will have very tight control over the funds invested and majority ownership of the investee companies.

As the digital revolution continues to advance, there has been a significant shift in consumer habits when it comes to watching all sorts of TV, Film and Media content. Immediate success at the box office or high initial viewer figures are no longer essential when determining the ultimate success of a Media Production.

There is a vast and growing demand for GOOD quality well-scripted content. As such, there is enormous value creation through the scripting, production, distribution, library retention and long-term revenue streams. It is now entirely probable that a well-cast and the well-scripted project will recover its gross production costs before its first showing and will generate a revenue thereafter.

With the advent of multiple new and growing “View on Demand” type media platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Hoopla, InDemand, iTunes, Microsoft, Sony Entertainment Network along with a plethora of other distribution platforms, access has been provided to totally new long-term revenue streams and merchandising opportunities.

A good quality film has become less reliant on cinema box office figures as the measure of success and source of primary revenue. The competitive demand for good content among these fast expanding and content-hungry new customers enables improved longevity of earnings and a wider diversity of revenue opportunities.

The vast and expanding market for film, TV and digital media content, coupled with merchandising opportunities and changing viewing habits across the variety of access methods now available, increases the revenue and cash flow potential for productions.

The introduction of 5G infrastructure and other technologies will maintain this demand growth for the foreseeable future.

Asset manager

For a more detailed look about who we are and how we operate download the asset manager document

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