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Risk averse investment philosophy

Our funds are structured into separate entities each targeting a specific area of expertise

Highams Saaz has a unique fund structure which creates flexibility, enhances control, provides transparency and creates a platform for success.

The objectives of each Fund is clearly stated in the offering documentation, which can be reviewed ahead of any investment. Unlike any other asset manager, HS can provide a clear and detailed analysis of both current and future investments ahead of investor participation.

Each Fund sets clearly defined and deliverable performance targets based on a clear understanding of the investment parameters, key delivery milestones, objectives, term and exit strategy of the particular asset class.

This granularity extrudes into the underlying assets and projects via a very detailed due diligence and business planning process. Setting performance benchmarks is not a one size fits all process, and the overall fund performance is aggregated across businesses which have a collaborative benefit of working with each other.

The primary objective of each Fund is to seek a commercially attractive return for investors and to mitigate risk through planning and due diligence. The investment policies are clearly stated and are independently reviewed and monitored by specialist third party companies.
By aligning the interests of the investor, the investee and the asset manager ensures that risk is mitigated, and returns are achieved

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