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Capital solutions tailored to the project.

Comprising of several components, the principals of the Highams Saaz group, have developed a proprietary structure,  which allows investments to be explicitly tailored to the needs of the investee. Deployment of the capital is concluded in line with the investees cash flow requirements under the hospices of an Expert Fund structure, which is fully regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JSFC).

Highams Saaz aims to deliver capital solutions and investments, which are tailored to the needs of the investee and their project while minimising the risk by ensuring that the investment is relevant, robust, properly structured, documented and extensive due diligence is completed. We often find projects and businesses fail because of having, amongst others;

  • Ineffective business planning Risk Assessment

  • Inexperienced Management and Delivery teams

  • Lack of Focus on documenting a Realistic Deliverable Business Plan,

       Milestones, Valuation and Exit Strategy

  • Misaligned Investment Capital

We help the investee to remove all of these and other related constraints from commercially viable and ethical projects with the potential to deliver strong commercial returns, sustainability, longevity and scalability, alongside a clear capital exit plan.

As denoted by the strength of our team and the active advisory board, the group has extensive experience in delivering successful projects, working across multiple fields, jurisdictions, industries and fund management.

Browse our website and discover why Highams Saaz is different from other fund management and investment companies.

About Us

Investing in good people - helping them achieve their goals

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