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Highams Saaz does not condone speculative investment, but it is important not to place any reliance on luck, trends, intuition or perception when making an investment decision.

Highams Saaz was established for two main reasons:

  • To work with well managed and professional management teams to deliver good quality projects with robust investment and characteristics

  • To align good quality, low-risk investment capital to the needs of the investee to mitigate financial risk and optimise growth and returns.

Highams Saaz operates a risk-controlled process focusing on planning, detection, prevention and execution. Positive risks can be just as damaging as a negative risk if a business is not prepared.

All potential investees undergo a rigorous internal due diligence process, which is then subjected to independent external scrutiny by a recognised professional services company or an appropriate professionally qualified entity. This detailed and extensive process ensures that risks are identified and understood for any proposed investment.

Highams Saaz remains proactively involved in project delivery, for the duration of the project, and oversees the realisation of pre-defined performance benchmarks and milestones.

Performance benchmarks are reflected in the NAV, which increases due to the function of investment and achievement. Issues are identified and resolved/mitigated through control execution, thus protecting the underlying asset and the invested capital.

The Highams Saaz investment structure ensures a very flexible but highly transparent, regulated and controlled investment process, thereby providing the maximum opportunity for any investment to flourish and maximise its growth.

We ensure that all investment funds are:

  • Controlled through regulated structures with independent oversight.

  • Managed through a rigorous business planning and risk assessment process.

  • Deployed in phases that are directly linked to strategic milestones that are pre-determined and have a positive impact on value, performance, stabilisation and exit.

  • Are protected through majority ownership and control of the project/ business.

  • Proactive management with an appropriately qualified director/s appointed to the board of the investee.

  • Monthly reporting.

As an investor, we are different from other funds management companies and are proactive with our investee companies. We don’t just sit behind our desk and evaluate a potential investment. We actually roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty in the delivery of the project. We are right there on the coal face alongside the investee.


Risk is the possibility of suffering loss and can be created by negative and positive events.

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