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A fixed term, de-risked, flexible investment platform

We do not invest in listed stocks as a managed portfolio of investments, but apply all our efforts in the delivery of viable projects. This allows Highams Saaz and its team of advisors to create highly flexible structures.

This structure enables investment into any of the funds on a fixed income, equity or debt basis, always for a predefined period. Fixing the period is of paramount importance because this substantially de-risks the projects and ultimately provides protection for the investor.

Traditionally regulated open-ended funds are created by fund managers taking advantage of "at the time" market conditions for a defined investment sector. During the funds life circle market conditions will change, especially in a downturn which places enormous pressure on the fund managers to create liquidity to service investor withdrawals. This has been evident in every downturn in the market place, and ultimately results in the fund manager suspending withdrawals, and placing other associated restrictions on the investor.    

From the outset we make clear;

  • The length of the investment.

  • The expected returns.

  • When interest or equity dividends will be paid.

  • The clear definition of capital redemption

  • The investment profile of each project.

Our ever-expanding investment platform currently comprises of:

Highams Saaz LLP is a UK entity that is responsible for carrying out all of the due diligence and packaging of investment opportunities and is the sole authorised entity acting on behalf of Highams Saaz (Jersey) Ltd.


Highams Saaz (Jersey) Limited is registered and regulated with the Jersey Financial Services Authority as a Fund Managers and investment adviser for HS Global Fund One ICC, an incorporated cell company administering several fully regulated "Expert" equity funds.

Working in conjunction with our equity structures is our platform based in Luxembourg, which allows us to structure and channel European investment in a tax-efficient manner, with the ability to issue debt and raise capital via listings on European stock markets.

Shortly we will be expanding our operations to the Middle East, Asia and the Far East. 

Our Structure

Flexible within a defined structure

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