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Why are we Unique?

Proactive, Control & Transparency

We are the hybrid challenging the traditional fund categories.

✓    Risk controlled approach
✓    Fund managers returns aligned to success of the fund
✓    Growth fund for business expansion
✓    Global opportunities with a wide customer reach
✓    Supported by a large network of advisors
✓    Influence business planning and delivery
✓    Mutually aligned interests
✓    Extensive due diligence, investment process and control
✓    Time, effort and money invested throughout the due diligence
✓    Reduced reliance on third party due diligence
✓    Invest in strong commercial opportunities
✓    Reject speculative/high risk investments
✓    Do not apply a “one shoe fits all” investment model

We are different

Businesses often say that they are unique, but this is, unfortunately, not usually the case. What is important to us is that we did not set out to be unique, and we do not use the term for self-promotion.

We set out to realise above-average returns on our investments without exposing our invested capital to the unquantifiable risk, and in doing so, we had to ensure that our investment was complimentary to the needs of the investee. If the objectives of the investor and the investee are misaligned, then you create risk.

Risk is a factor of bad planning, a poor understanding, a lack of control and a poor demand model. It is not a factor of asset class or jurisdiction, although these aspects feature heavily in a due diligence and planning process. Even a perceived low-risk investment can fail if it is not planned and delivered efficiently.

Once we have identified an opportunity, we will work tirelessly with investees to identify and eradicate risk before making an investment decision. The time scale for this process is not pre-defined, and we will not invest until we can be confident of success.

We are not passive investors and heavily influence the business plan, milestones and performance benchmarks by providing additional business analysis and solutions, thereby further endorsing the viability and de-risking the business model.


  • We take a proactive position with every investee, and we work with them to ensure that there are no weaknesses in delivery.

  • Loss can be created by both positive and negative events throughout the delivery process.

  • We undertake our due diligence and then invite external, independent oversight.

  • We will not compromise on our due diligence as a result of any external pressures.

  • We will not invest in any opportunity until we have absolute confidence in success.

  • Our structure enables us to take unregulated institutional debt and invest it as regulated private equity which creates a unique and unprecedented balance between risk, reward and control.

  • We put our investors first and in doing so, reduce the investee exposure to the market and financial risk.

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