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What do we look for in an investment?

A lot of funds try to manage risk by narrowing the focus of their investment strategy, which can create a perception of preventative control but can also create both execution risk along with a reduced pipeline.

A reduced pipeline and a narrow investment focus can, in turn, create investment selection and delivery risk.

Fundamentally what Highams Saaz looks for are excellent investment opportunities with a high probability of success. Success comes in many forms, but we are looking for opportunities where you can identify demand, revenue, value, growth, diversification and exit characteristics.

Just because something may occur, does not necessarily make it likely to happen, so having identified the opportunity we then undertake extensive due diligence, business planning and risk mitigation process before making any investment decisions.

Our key guiding principles underpinning all our funds are:

  • Risk controlled

  • Due diligence and planning

  • A clear focus on market demand

  • Clearly identified exit and hold strategies

  • A clear focus on delivery

  • Transparency

  • Efficacy

  • Sustainability

  • Robust and quantifiable investment characteristics

  • Robust environment and Social Governance protocols

In our experience, the best opportunities are often those requiring a lot of initial support before making an investment decision.

We are prepared to put in time, money and effort to filter the opportunities we see and package the best of these for investment.

What we look for

Good quality sustainable clearly defined investment opportunities

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