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How We Work

No Speculation, Just Careful Business Planning

No Speculation – Just Careful Business Planning

Securing investment for a business or project is no easy task. A substantial portion of a CEO’s time is applied seeking financing for their company.

We believe in being upfront and direct with all stakeholder, thereby eliminating areas of ambiguity. We work alongside the management in documenting and deliver a business plan and model demonstrating the following:

  • That there is a clear business strategy

  • That there is a sustainable market demand for their products or services.

  • Demonstrating a clear path to income and capital growth

  • The business must have an experienced management and delivery team capable of

       delivering and meeting pre-defined milestones

  • The investee should be market-ready having a demonstrable pre-investment valuation

  • The investee should have sufficient capital available supporting is daily operating costs,

       while we work through extensive due diligence requirements

Our Process

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