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The HS Agriculture Fund has a clear objective to support and develop fully sustainable, chemical free (where possible) regional agriculture businesses in regions where food supplies are poor, and agriculture is inefficient, unsustainable and expensive.

The solution is the utilisation of a blend of technology and renewable natural resources to create the perfect growing environment for the high volume and timely production of an extensive range of plant-based products for a localised catchment area.

Agriculture is in the main hugely inefficient, seasonal, reliant on predictable climate and damaging to the environment. But it doesn’t need to be that way due to the plethora of technological and renewable solutions.

The meat industry is a very carbon inefficient and environmentally damaging industry that utilises the vast majority of the worlds crop production as feedstock, and therefore the vast majority of the available agricultural land to the detriment of the human food supply. Distribution costs are enormous from both a physical cost and an environmental perspective. 

Renewable and sustainable farming that supports localised energy is, in reality, the energy that comes from a source that is not depleted when used or is replenished within a relatively short time frame.

The world has an increasing thirst for food and a drive for improved carbon efficiency, which creates a need to gradually reduce the use of natural resources that can be depleted and have a high carbon footprint.

The strategy of the Fund is to target higher-yielding, commercially viable and sustainable agricultural projects that are developing new agricultural techniques through the use of renewable energy and technological solutions.

Highams Saaz will make direct investments into private companies through equity structures that provide very tight control over the funds invested and the investee companies.

In addition to that very tight control, Highams Saaz considers its differentiation from typical Private Equity GPs to be its solid due diligence process, as well as supporting and influencing the investee companies throughout the management of the business and the delivery process.

The HS Agriculture Fund One IC will be a unique Private Equity Fund for investment in a predetermined, diversified but synergetic set of agricultural projects. Highams Saaz already has control and ownership over a large portfolio of agricultural land assets.

Asset manager

For a more detailed look about who we are and how we operate download the asset manager document

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