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Establishing a Fund

The process should be the most effiecient way to success

Everything you need to create your Fund.

For sophisticated businesses, with a large capital requirement, we can look to provide a regulated or authorised fund structure in line with specific requirements enabling them to receive and deploy invested funds that would otherwise not be available.

Highams Saaz, via its group structure, offers an end-to-end solution for fiduciary, fund formation, regulatory, compliance and management services, which is backed by leading legal expertise and fund administration support.

Whether it is a fully regulated or an authorised fund, your Equity Fund, will be incorporated as a Cell Company under HS Global Fund One ICC, a holding company managed by Highams Saaz (Jersey) Limited and regulated by the Jersey Financial Service Commission (JSFC).

As part of our Investment Services, we can also provide access to our debt provisioning services through Highams Saaz Securities Sarl, an entity registered in Luxembourg, providing the ability to structure, issue and register debt instruments on multiple stock markets.

Our platform is designed to manage every aspect of your funding requirements, enabling you to focus on achieving and delivering your milestones and supporting your investors. We will take care of the regulatory and administrative requirements.

For further information, please contact us and let us establish a structure which suits your requirements cost-effectively and efficiently.

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