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Business Think Tank

Providing you with the right solutions

Throughout its lifetime, a business will undoubtedly encounter problems. With effective planning and risk analysis, it is surprising how many issues can be identified in advance and avoided. However, when an unforeseen problem does arise, its management can be critical to the future success of the business.

Irrespective of the cause and category the problem it is vital that the right strategy is deployed. Quite often, businesses are so close to the coal face that they fail to spot the warning signs and fail to resolve problems efficiently. It is therefore paramount that the right advice is sought, ideally from an independent body who can identify lasting solutions, without attaching any emotions, and provide good quality, best in practice advice.

We apply the same care and attention to the provision of advice as we do when considering investing in an investee business. We spend a significant amount of time identifying risk and designing lasting mitigation strategies. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will ask the difficult questions that help us in determining and delivering the right advice, solutions and direction for your business.

This advice is entirely independent and is based upon the information that we gather from you concerning your business, your objectives and the hurdles that you face. One of the key differentiating factors about Highams Saaz is that we come from a background of project delivery. We have ground-floor experience and apply realistic, effective and logical solutions.

Highams Saaz is proud of its people, its knowledge base, its collaborative partners and with its network and infrastructure which provides a global reach.

As denoted by the strength of our team and the proactive advisory board, the group has extensive experience in delivering successful projects, working across multiple fields, jurisdictions, industries and fund management environments.

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